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Home of AFK (Active Frontline Klan) and IRMA (It Really Means AFK)

Hy! Welcome to AFK and IRMA ;)This is the official forum for AFK and IRMA members, and tankers interested in joining us.
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 Application for IRMA

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PostSubject: Application for IRMA   Application for IRMA EmptyThu Jul 13, 2017 1:12 pm

Hi my real name is John and I have been playing blitz for around 1 and a half year if I don't count my previous account adds about another half year so nearly 2 years.I am currently 14 which I hope isn't to young for the clan. I am a great team player and never give without a fight. I currently have discord which I did use with my friend when we played but he unfortunately stopped. I was originally born in Thailand and was adopted and lived in Northern Ireland since I was 4. I started my passion for tennis when I was 7 and hope to continue with it. I love being part of a community e.g. clans ,forums and like to help others. I have a kind personality but can sometimes become stressed out. I want to join IRMA because I would a great team player and I want to help others out and have fun. It would be a honor if I could join. Thanks for your time, looking forward to your response.
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Application for IRMA
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