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 Leaked info about tournaments

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PostSubject: Leaked info about tournaments   Leaked info about tournaments EmptyMon Sep 26, 2016 4:38 pm

Europe Blitz Twister Rules
General Provisions

Terms and Definitions

Regulations/Tournament Rules/Rules: rules set out in the present document governing the Tournament organization.
Captain/Team Captain: a player of the team representing the interests of the other members of their team in the Tournament and providing the required information about the team to the Organizer.
Slot in the team: a place in the team that the player may occupy.
Player: a member of the team mentioned in the team registration form for participation in the Tournament.
Participant: any player, including the Captain, the manager of the team, or any other person participating in the Tournament.
Team: a group of players headed by the Captain and the manager (if any), participating in the competitions, applying for the Tournament.
Judge/Judge of the match: a person appointed by the Tournament Organizer to ensure that players and other participants comply with the Regulations during the Tournament.
Game: the multiplayer online game World of Tanks Blitz.

Match: a series of one or several battles depending on the Tournament stage, the results of which determine the winner.
Battle: a confrontation between the teams taking place on a map from the official map list of the Tournament, with the purpose of capturing the base or destroying all enemy tanks within the established time period.
Spawn Point: a place on the map where vehicles of each team are situated at the start of the Battle.
Roster: a set of in-game property used in Battles, pre-determined before the match.
Match Setup: a pre-determined vehicle list used by the team during the match.

Protest and Appeal

Protest regarding one and the same issue may be filed with the Tournament Organizer only once, except for the cases when any newly discovered facts arise. Constant protest filing (two or more times) in connection with the same issue may be deemed to be an attempt to achieve an in-game advantage and influence the decision of the Tournament Organizer on a controversial issue, which violates the fair play rules established herein.
The decision of the Tournament Organizer is final and binding. Repeatedly submitted protests and claims will not be considered.

Player Behavior

Team Players should comply with the common standards of behavior. Violation of the below rules will result in the disqualification of the entire team.

Any insults towards players, teams, the Team Organizer and its employees, Wargaming.net and its employees, and partner companies are prohibited.
The excessive posting of senseless or offensive messages is prohibited.
Unsportsmanlike Behavior
Players must comply with fair play principles and show a sportsmanlike attitude during the competitions. Any actions not conforming to this principle are regarded as unsportsmanlike behavior.
Game Rules Violation
Violation of the Game Rules is prohibited.
Any attempts to deceive the Tournament Organizer or other players by using false or misleading information are prohibited.
Unfair Play
Unfair play techniques are prohibited.
Using the Account of Another Player
Participating in matches from the account of another player is prohibited.
Modifying the game client in order to achieve an in-game advantage is prohibited.
Any arrangements between players and/or teams aimed at achieving an in-game advantage are prohibited. The conspiracy includes, but is not limited to, the following cases:

Making an arrangement or conducting any type of negotiations with regard to the match result or score.

Intentionally passive in-game behavior or intentional sabotage of team actions aimed at achieving the agreed result of the match.

Bug/Glitch Use
Intentional use of any in-game bugs or glitches in order to achieve an in-game advantage is prohibited.
Disqualification and Sanction Term

The abovementioned violations are evaluated by the Tournament Organizer. The Tournament Organizer is authorized to disqualify any player or team for the violation of the present Tournament Rules.

Disqualification or other sanctions can be applied at any moment, even if the violation was detected later than the act of the Regulations violation occurred.

Team Requirements

A Team should consist of at least 7 regular players and up to 3 reserve players. A Team consisting of less than 7 players is not allowed to participate in the Tournament.
The Team must not change its name during the Tournament. In case of a name change, the previous results achieved by the Team in the Tournament will not be counted.
The Team Captain is the sole owner of the Team name. 

Requirements for Players and Teams

All Players of the Tournament should follow the below requirements:

Only Players with valid passports for international travel at the actual start of the Tournament are admitted to the Tournament. Judges and Organizers may request passport scans from any team during the Tournament. In case of their absence, Organizers and Judges reserve the right to exclude or substitute the participant. If at least 7 team members fail to present passports within the term set by the Organizer, the Team Slot can be transferred to another team at the Tournament Organizer’s discretion.
Any teams consisting of players that participate in the same clan in the APAC are admitted to the Tournament. The number of teams from the same clan is unlimited.
Tournament Players should avoid any actions that can damage the reputation of the Tournament, Players and Tournament Teams, Tournament Organizer and other persons, and organizations related to the Tournament.
The Player must be a member of only one team participating in the Tournament.

Players are not allowed to change their nicknames until the end of the Tournament.

Match Settings

Team size: 7 Players.
Battle duration: 7 minutes.

Battle mode: Encounter Battle

Map pool : Mines, Fort Despair, Road Rail, Desert Sands, Canal, Winter Malinovka, Yamato Harbor
The map for each round will be chosen randomly
Time interval between battles: 2 minutes.
Platform: automatic system for conducting battles.

A special room for matches will be automatically created 5 minutes before the start of the first battle. All match participants will receive personal invites. Players for the starting lineup are selected at the Team Captain’s discretion.

Roster Requirements

Teams may consist of vehicles from different nations.
Premium Vehicles, shells, and consumables are allowed.

All types of Tier VIII - X vehicles are admitted to the Tournament.
Aggregate tier of vehicles participating in battle must not exceed 70.
If not all of the regular members of the team entered the battle room, and none of the reserve players can join before the start of the match, the reduced team should start the battle. 
If the fixed minimum of team members (5 players) is not available at the battle start, this team will receive a default loss. Battles should not be re-scheduled, if a team is unable to participate in the appointed battle.
Only players with mobile devices included in the list of devices supported by the game system requirements are admitted to the Tournament.

Match Broadcasting

The Judge reserves the right to add a spectator to one or both teams during any match for streaming purposes. Refusal to permit or hindering the participation of a spectator will be punished by disqualification of the team.

Streamers are assigned by Wargaming.net and should not belong to any clan, or leave their clan at least two weeks before the Tournament.
Streamers occupy places in teams on their own.
Streamers have the right to inform the Judges about disputable situations during preparations and battles. 

Broadcast delay is about three minutes.


A rematch can be initiated in case of technical issues on the game server side. A technical issue is regarded as a situation when the match results don’t display on the Tournament web site. The decision about the rematch should be made by the Judge.

Solving Disputable Situations

All complaints about Tournament Rule violations should be posted in a special thread on the forum.   

Screenshots with possible violations should be sent for consideration within five minutes after the end of the battle. Screenshots sent later than five minutes after the battle will not be considered.
Only the Match Judge can make decisions on disputable situations. The Judge must inform the Captains or managers of both teams about the decision.
The decision made by the Judge on the disputable situation is final.

Game Server

Games are held on the EU/Arabic server.

Team Communication

Voice chat communication is allowed between players of the same team with any third party tool available (TeamSpeak/Skype/etc.).

Rule Change

The Organizer of the Tournament preserves the right to change or modernize Regulation provisions at any time. If you continue to participate in the Tournament after the rules have been changed, you agree to the changes made to the rules. Changes should be effective and applicable to your participation starting from the beginning of the Tournament.

Supplementary Regulations

Tournament Layout:

The Tournament consists of several stages:

Qualifiers stage (online stage)
Play-Offs stage (online stage)

Finals stage (online stage)

Qualifiers Stage

The Tournament is held according to the round system. The round system presupposes that each team in the Tournament plays with each team in its group.
Qualifiers stage has Stage 1 and Stage 2
The first team to win a series of a maximum of one battle is considered to be the winner (BO1).
The initial Spawn Point is determined randomly by the automatic Tournament system.
Any team member can participate in battles using any vehicle that fits the conditions of Tournament Regulations. Reserve players can substitute regular players in any battle on any vehicle that fits the conditions of the Regulations.

Maximum total number of teams participating in the Tournament is 512.

Registration for the Tournament opens on 27th September and closes on 30th September. If 512 teams register before 30th September, registration will close automatically.

The number of teams in one group after the registration is over cannot exceed 8. Groups are always formed according to the principle of even distribution, so that all teams have as equal conditions as possible.
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Leaked info about tournaments
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